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Hirata Castle Ruins

Castle with the mission of developing rice paddies by drawing water from the Suzuka River.

In 1434, Yoshikuni Hirata received territory encompassing Ise-no-kuni Anki, Suzuka, and Mie-gun (county) as a reward for his outstanding achievement of repelling yamahoshi (armed monks) from Mt. Hiei under orders from the Shogun Yoshinori Ashikaga. Yoshikuni built a castle on the grounds of Kaizen-ji Temple.
Afterwards, in response to social unrest in the year 1467, the 4th-generation castle lord Naochika Hirata moved the castle from Kaizen-ji Temple to the Hirata area of Hirata-go (village) on the southern shore of the Suzuka River. He built a new castle for developing rice paddies by drawing water from the river. This new castle was the later Hirata Castle.
In 1568, the 8th-generation castle lord Masamoto Hirata came under attack from Nobunaga Oda. Although he fought valiantly to protect the castle, Masamoto was overwhelmed. Ultimately, he died in battle with several hundred of his retainers and Hirata Castle fell.
At the time of the defeat, Masamoto’s heir and the 9th-generation castle lord Mototsuna Hirata led more than 300 retainers and fled from the castle. Although Mototsuna waited for the right time to exact his revenge, he died from an illness at the age of 50 in 1580.

First castle lord Naochika Hirata
Category Castle on the plains
Ruins Earthen outer walls, moat
Elevation 22 meters

Scenes of the castel ruins

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