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This bridge was made possible by the graces of Sadagoro, who eliminated the rift created by the Suzuka River.

Sadagoro Maekawa was born in Kai Village in 1832. At that time, there were no bridges spanning the Suzuka River. Every time it rained, the river would rise and cause great trouble for pedestrians walking along Kai-no-Watashi (the former name for Suzuka River). Upon witnessing this distress, Sadagoro volunteered to help in ways such as spending his own money to purchase a boat for ferrying village residents, and lashing together boards to create rafts for crossing the river.
Unfortunately, the rafts were washed away by heavy rains.
Afterwards, Sadagoro invested donations and his private funds to build a bridge. He also made countless visits to public offices to request the dispatch of public servants.
In 1908, Sadagoro’s efforts were rewarded with the completion of the third full-scale bridge to have been built over Suzuka River. It was named Sadagoro Bridge.
Sadagoro was 77 years at the time of completion. Even after the bridge was built, it is said that Sadagoro made daily visits to inspect and repair the bridge. On May 27, 1952, a monument honoring Sadagoro was erected on the embankment along Suzuka River. It conveys the virtuous graces of Sadagoro to future generations.


Donation register

Boards from the bottom of a four-plank raft / Memoirs of a virtuous man

Sadagoro Bridge in its initial form

Sadagoro Bridge today

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